April 14, 2011

Seating Charts

Right now the big debate is to have a seating chart or not at our wedding reception.. I have heard to make one to make sure every one has a place to sit, I've been told not to so you don't force someone to sit somewhere..  Well with weddings under 50 people and a buffet dinner.. you def don't need a seating chart.. Well that is not even close to ours.. We are looking at 150 people.. and a plated dinner.. Make sure you plan accordingly:
1. Start Early: Do not wait until the night before the wedding to plan who is sitting where.
2. Create a spreadsheet. Categorize who is coming. Brides family. Grooms family. Grooms friends. Brides friends. Work buddies.
3. Make a paper trail. Draw circles on sheets of paper and write out who is sitting where.
4. The head table. Decide whether to have a sweet heart table or a long buffet table for the whole wedding party. Usually excluding the ring bearer and flower girl (they sit with their parents)
5. OR switch it up. Put all the bridesmaids next to the bride at the buffet table and groomsmen next to the groom. OR do something unique. Bride and groom sit with parents. Wedding party all together at a table.

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  1. The lollipop seating chart is adorable! We used starfish so it was a fun and whimsical way to display our guests table locations!

    I nominated you for a Stylish Blogger Award - head over to my blog to accept it :)



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