April 18, 2011

Swap and Weekend Pictures

So, as you ladies know.. I hosted an Easter Swap this year. I acctually ended up with two partners, because I had an odd number and wanted to participate also. For swap #1 I swapped with Fallen Leaf Wood Workers.. You can check out all the details here.

I recieved this blue/white flower. A wooden sign. A basket of easte eggs and two bunnies. And bunches of wedding scrapbooking stuff. Pink and Black :) My wedding colors :)

The fiance, Kaylann, Jd, and I all hung out this weekend. Went and saw Scream 4 **Horrible movie.. Dont waste your time seeing it**  and then the next night, we played power hour at the house then went out to a friend's party .. Doesn't Jd look nice in the pink shirt? It took me forever to get him to buy it!

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