May 18, 2011

Crash + Bang = Wreck

I had this horrible migrane ALL DAY long yesterday. I sat infront of the computers for probably 5 or 6 hours doing homework yesterday. (all for one class). Chris gets home. Cooks me an amazing dinner, then he does yard work. Then I decided I want a Mocha Frappe from Mickey D's and he wanted some icecream. We get in his truck, go get them. Then BANG, CRASH, + BOOM. We are in a WRECK. Ugh. Not the night we had planned for. Needless to say my frappe and his icecream go ALL over me. I mean I am covered head to flippin toe! Someone had pulled out in front of us (crossing a double line so there fault) but ugh it sucks. I am typing with one hand because my other hand hurts so bad right now. Just  bruised up. And my shin, I have another huge bruise there. I felt soooooo bad becuase the only reason we left was because Iwant a Frappe and he went so I didn't have to go alone.  So what a night we had. I hope you girls's week is going better than mine here!


  1. Oh didn't even get to enjoy the drink and ice cream. But glad noone was seriously injured or anything!!

  2. Glad you two weren't seriously hurt or anything! I'm sorry!

  3. Glad you are okay!!! I know how it feels to be in an accident that isn't your fault. Hang in there. Hope your week gets better.

  4. oohhhh nooo! I just wrecked my car on mother's day..I feel your pain. Glad you're ok..damn mcd's ;)


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