July 22, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confessed anything in a while so here I go...
Even though I just turned 21 on June 15th.. I feel old.. Like going out to a club kicks my ass the entire next day.
I need a break. I am working my butt off for these 3 craft shows I am in this fall.  
I need A LOT of me time. Is it bad to love it when your hubby goes to work and you get free time? I hope it's not bad thing.
I feel tired all of the time. I mean all the time. Any suggestions?
I'm ready to move out of this super small tiny town. I'm ready to be closer to a bigger city and the beach.
I'm really ready for my Bachlorette Cruise. Come Aug 18 I will be in the Bahamas.
I am obsessed with watching Criminal Minds. I absolutely love this show! 
I also have to have my cherry coke. Like right now, I have no cherry coke, and it's driving me insane!


  1. I love Criminal Minds! No, it isn't bad that you want/need your 'me' time!! & girl, I feel old too! hah

  2. I love Free time too. I hate feeling crowded and having to be around people all the time.

    I can relate to being tired all the time and I wish I knew a solution to this but I don't. I could use one myself.


  3. I love alone time, it keeps me sane. It is nice to be able to hear your own thoughts from time to time! :)

    And sleeping? I used to have the same problem. As crazy as it sounds, it got better when I didn't let myself take naps. Your body learns to need less sleep!

  4. I love Criminal Minds!

    Oh, and I highly suggest alone time!!

    Being tired? Well, you said you were working your tail off so I guess you need rest and alone time!!


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