July 13, 2011

Wedding Talk

So, all the college math class stress is gone for a little while now. I took my final this morning and wont have another math class until Spring.Thank Goodness. I am tired of studying. I haven't had a break since highschool. I haven't taken one semester off and now I am finally am! It just feels amazing!!  Now I have more time to focus on the last minute wedding details, and my business. I am definetly in 1 show and helping my mom in another, so I must get busy asap.

The Wedding:

Vendors Booked:
Venue. Wedding Coordinater. Florist. Cake. Photographer. Ceremony Site. DJ.

Bachlorette Bash/Pre Wedding:
Bachlorette Cruise. Bridal Shower 1. Bridal Shower 2. Lingerie Shower/Dinner. Chris: Bachlor Cruise.

Registered At:
Belk and Target.

Guestbook. My garter (made by my grandma and worn by my mom). Throwing garter: hot pink. Cake topper. party favors. disposable cameras. linens. centerpieces.

Honeymoon: Booked!

I Still Need:
Flower girl  basket. Guestbook pen. Ring Bearer Pillow. Table Numbers. Place Cards. Table Number Stands. Ceremony Programs. Toasting Set. Cake Cutting Set. Bridesmaid Gifts. Groomsmen Gifts. Birdcage. Sand Ceremony Set.


  1. I'm sure you already know all about Etsy, but look on their website for some of your wedding stuff you still need. They have the most adorable things for a wedding.

  2. wow girl doing great;) i may look at Etsy for some things as well like Jessica said although you'r a lot farther head then I am- since I've only been engaged a month ha ;) xo


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