August 5, 2011


I confess.. I am now a horrible blogger. I only blog once a week. FAIL.
I confess.. I am super happy with my life and the way things are going.
I confess.. Im filling is as the receptionist for today and I'm about to go crazy. Im super bored.
I confess.. I am finally almost done with wedding stuff.
All thats left to do is buy Table #s, Table # holders, Place cards, Picture matte, and some DIY programs. And I will be DONE!
I confess.. We are eating tonight with my future sissy in law. Can't wait :)
I confess.. Im dieing to move. I live in this little po-dunk town that has nothing but a walmart. I need to be closer to the beach and a bigger city.
I confess.. I barely passed my math class this semester. I made a "C". Thats horrible!! This class kicked my @$$ totally, going over stats and crap. ugh.
I confess.. I bought the best bridesmaids gifts for my girls. Well I love them.. haha I hope my girls do!


  1. Yay for being happy with life and the way things are going. Its the best feeling!

  2. First I love your pic with the holding hands. SO darn cute!

    And good for you for loving life. More people need to feel that way.

    Enjoyed your blog!

  3. wedding planning is soooo much fun!!

    thanks for linking up your confessions doll!


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