August 8, 2011

Running and Wedding

We all went to one of my dads runs he does in down town Jacksonville these past weeks. Some of the races were three races in 24 hrs and the other one was one 3 mile race. I did not realize how many people came to these things. Wow.

Well 62 days and I will be getting married. Time is FLYING BY!! I thought having 10 months to plan a wedding was enough time, but it's not. Definetly not when you are working and going to school. I am almost done with everything but it's all the small minor details I forget. Invitations went out last week. Here is just some of the invites we sent out.

Here are our invitations.  Yes, I blocked out the address. But they are pink and black of course.

I found some of my wedding stuff off of etsy.  I love everything I have gotten.  If you buy from the same lady did, make sure you purchase these about 3 months in advance. It took over 12 weeks to get my guestbook. But it does look great!


  1. Loving the wedding stuff! I may be partial though because those are my colors too! SO pretty!

  2. I bet you are getting so excited! Everything is looking wonderful! I nominated you for a blogger award today on my page! Check it later if you have some time :)

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