August 16, 2011


This Girl, Mrs Stephanie, of "A Beautiful Mess"  is doing a lovely giveaway because she has hit over 400 followers!  Check her blog out and sign up for her giveaway here. Follow her blog, leave a comment, tweet about her, and blog about her giveaway and your entered :)

Now I will be on my Bachelorette Cruise in 2 days.   Thursday morning we leave. The girls and I are just super excited and cannot wait.  One of my old bosses, and friend is making us Bachelorette Cruise shirts.  I should get them today. I can't wait to show them to y'all!  The future hubs made me buy a fake "rock" to wear on my cruise. I can't take my real engagement ring because I might loose it.  So I went and bought one at Claires for a whole whopping $3.00.  Yep, The rock fell out already.  That didn't take long!! Until tmrw ladies.. See ya :)

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  1. thanks girly!

    SO excited for you this week!! You are going to have a blast!! Everyone loves a bachelorette! :)


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