October 27, 2011

Friday Confessional

I confess.. I have soo many things to tell you lovely ladies.

I confess.. I'm getting a NEW RIDE.. Maybe tommorrow. I know, I do not need one. But I am super excited.

I confess.. Im at super upset I cannot attend the ass whoopin that GA is going to get by them Gators this weekend.  I had such a blast tailgating last year for the FL/GA game, too bad I cannot go this year. STUPIDLY I signed up for a craft show this weekend to sell my stuff at, so hooray for making $$ atleast.

I confess.. I cannot wait to show you ladies my Bridal Portraits.. Sneek Peak ;)

I confess.. My #1 pet peeve.. People who copy other people. I mean atleast give the person who are copying credit..

I confess..Pinterest is aggravating me. My Iphone app for it, totally sucks. Never works, and if it does, it will freeze, cannot find my boards, or pins something like 2 times in a row. But I am like obssessed with this pinterest.  I dont even know why. but it's fun. Come check me out. MrsSamanthaLynn

I confess. I would LOVE to do a blogger meet up oneday. I love meeting people I blog with.

I confess.. I miss these 2 ladies. I haven't seen them since my wedding. I think I'm having Jessica and Christina withdrawls. lol. Sweet Southern Comfort & Not Your Ordinary Southern Girl



  1. Just found your blog and consider me your newest follower. I just got married too and can't wait to see your bridal portraits.

  2. oohhh I get so excited at the chance to meet other bloggers.

    You look so pretty!! Can't wait to see more pics!

  3. I miss you to!! You know how retarded work is!! Come to the pumpkin escape with me tomorrow.

  4. Beautiful pic! I am pulling for the Gators this week. I don't like either team but it is better for the Gamecocks if Ga goes down!

  5. I confess... that I am your newest follower ;) I also confess that I am excited to see your bridal portraits!

  6. You look gorgeous!
    Meeting other bloggers is so much fun! I'd love to meet all my blog followers, one day!

  7. oh my goodness the bridal portraits are going to be fabulous just based on that one sneak peek..congrats!!

    I am so late visiting everyone this week. So sorry, been a little under the weather and I am recovering at my folk's where the internet is so slow! But I really appreciate that you linked up your confessions, so thanks for that!!


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