November 1, 2011

Random Mess

I am totally in a blogging funk. I have no idea what to post.  I used to post just about every single day.  Any ideas? What would you like to see more of?  This is probably the most random post EVER. But do you just ever get those days you just want to crawl in bed and do nothing but eat chocolate because it will just make you feel better? Well that is how my day has been going.  Nothing has even gone wrong, I just feel so BLAH.

It's like I even SKIPPED Halloween this year. I mean how is that even possible.  But then again the wedding, then honeymoon, then two shows two weekends in a row when I got back. I mean I can't even thing straight.  Usually I dress up, go hit up a party, dress up my little Harley, etc. Nope. None.  The only thing I did was go with my friend and her little boy Caleb.  He was so cute. He was Transformer Bumble Bee. I wish I had a picture to show you all!

Oh a pet peeve of mine. I mean this really drives me NUTS.  When people say one thing and do another. When I first started blogging, some people told me "blogging is dumb, why would you blog, isn't it just boring, etc" Now they have each blogs.  "It's funny how people change their minds isn't it."

My house right now.. A total disaster.  I mean, woah. my pool table room is now filled with wedding stuff. All of the linens we bought, extra favors, cameras, etc. It's crazy.  My sewing room is filled with crates of stuff for my shows, and more wedding presents lol. I haven't even gotten a chance to put up our new picture frames, and appliances, etc. It's super crazy around here. 

But in super good news. I have gotten my new FORD. It came in with a few scratches, etc on it so they are fixing it then I can show you ladies.  I cannot wait. :)

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  1. aw don't worry....right after my wedding I felt the same much to do, so little time AND what the HECK am I supposed to blog about now?! LOL..

    It'll come to ya! When I get in little funks like this I just read other people's blogs for inspiration! xo


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