October 4, 2011

Panty Party

These 2 girls planned the BEST party for me. Just a few close friends for dinner and drinks.  My Best friend Christina on the left and my Future Sissy Jessica on the left.  Jessica planned the evening out and Christina brough the supplies ;)

My momma and I. LOVE HER :)

Future Sissy and I

Christina and I

Penis Rings **And in my Florida Gator Colors ;)

Now I would post A LOT more pics on here But my fiance is super nosey. (Love you hun) He reads my blog like daily at work because he gets "bored" lol.

The girls and I finished the night off by going out to a couple bars.  Got a ton of high fives and congrats. And you know there is always a couple of those "ARE YOU CRAZY, YOUR ONLY 21" comments.


  1. I just love your dress and your shoes!!! You totally rocked that outfit!

  2. You look stunning!! That dress is too too cute!


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