November 11, 2011

Friday Confessional

So I am just little late posting this Friday Confessional.. But lets get to it!

I confess.. I have never been happier.  I am married to my best friend, Chris. I have finally gotten rid of all them drama filled "friends" that this town has to offer. 

I confess.. I have to have my nails done.. ALWAYS..My nails like refuse to grow long enough for me to paint them and look pretty, so french mani it is. iphone pics can be so crappy :/

I confess.. I LOVE my ring.

I confess.. I am in Georgia for the weekend. I have over packed by A LOT. I am only staying two nights, yet I brought clothes for almost a week, a outrageous amount of jewelry, 2 pairs of boots, etc. I mean that may seem a little over board, but I never seem to know what I want to wear.

I confess.. I love running my own business. But I miss all the people I used to work with. I hope to get a job back with them in January.

I confess.. I need help with my hair. Majorly. I cant seem to tease it right, put my extensions in correctly. Lets face it girls, I am a complete mess. :/



  1. Your ring is gorgeous!! :) yay for not having anymore drama, ha!

  2. A matter of having the right comb!

  3. Yay for kicking out the drama! I'm doing that right now and its not the easiest thing, so hooray for you standing up for yourself.


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