November 10, 2011

It's Okay Thursday

It's Okay Thursday..

That I am totally almost loving this weather.  No heat, No AC.. equals super low electric bill. Only $150 this month. (Yes that is super cheap to us)

That I am getting sick again.. NOT.. Ugh I hate being sick..

That I have a gazllion and one thinsg to do before tommorrow morning.  Pick up momma from her chemo at 12:30 and Gville (An hr away one way) Make tarts, Do laundry, Pack my suitcase, Pack the trailor, Call our insurance company, call our internet provider, cook dinner, and still have to pack everything for my mom. I have got a super busy day ahead of me. 

That my pup's are going nutz right now. I swear, with all this cold weather, they are just so much more hyper than usual.

to want a new coach purse like every year. I already want a new one again. Then again I have had this one for a year now. Just add that to my Christmas Wishlist..

That I"m also adding a  LV Speedy 35 to my wishlist also ;)

That I still have tons of wedding stuff I have yet to even look at or go through.  Just a few days ago, I finally went through all of the left over favors, place cards etc and threw away all that we didn't need.  *No I'm not lazy, just super duper busy*

To want a new pair of cowboys every once in a while.  **I buy about 2 pairs every year


  1. omg girl i just want ONE pair of cowboy boots haha ;) mmm i wonder where i can find some! xo

  2. OMG.. I love Coach, LV, AND my cowgirl boots... also, love the blog! New follower for sure!

  3. The LV Speedy is on my wish list too. That's the best part about wish lists, they don't have to be realistic wishes.

    A girl can never have too many pairs of boots. :)


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