November 18, 2011

The Weekend

So I totally missed out on my weekely routine of my Fashion Friday with Kori and my Friday Confessional with Dandielion Wishes... I have been super busy! I spent part of the day are mommas helping and learning how to do somethings for her show.

 Then Daddy and I went to the insurace place. I needed his help with me getting on my own insurance plan, I went the first time alone and woah is that stuff more confusing than ever!

Then I came home and begin working on stuff for mommas show on Thanksgiving weekend and then cleaned up some of my house. 

We are actually putting up most of our Christmas stuff tommorow, and Im excited!  I LOVE to decorate for the Holidays! And I finally am getting a chance to take down and throw away old pictures that I no longer will ever need. ;)

Sunday we are doing our Thanksgiving meal with my parents are some friends.  A very close friend of mine, a friend from work, and a couple that is like my moms second parents.  She loves them so much :)

So here is what the menu is looking like:

Turkey - Mommas baking Ramsey's turkey recipe with bacon this year
Stuffing - Homemade ofcourse!
Mashed Potatoes- Homemade
Sweet Potato Casserole - Taste of Home Recipe
Green Bean Casserole- Tradition
Corn - Because my husband refuses to eat green bean casserole
Salad - With mandarin oranges,cranberrys, rasp vin dressing
Watergate Salad
Cranberry Salad
Pumpkin Pie

And I'm going to attempt to make Pepermine Bark. . . Wish Me Luck!

Yes, It Seems We Do Cook For An Army ;)

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  1. So what time should I be there for this amazing dinner?! I hope your house looks amazing and i bet it will! Don't forget to hire some little kids to wash those dishes!


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