January 9, 2012

I Have Tried..

You know on Pinterest how everyone just pins things to their boards. Well do you ever try any of these things your post?

Such as... DIY&Recipes

So these are the recipes that I have tryed so far:

Oven Baked Smashed Potatoes  - Very Good. You must try this!

Baked Ziti Pasta. Very good.

Oven roasted parmesan potato's. Trying this tonight!

Bacon Chedar Ranch pull apart bread. Do NOT waste your time making this one.

Grinch cookies. Super yummy.

Bourbon Chicken. Spicy but Great!

White chocolate pepermint oreos. very yummy.

pepperoni and cheese crecent rolls. super quick and good.

(images via pinterest)


  1. OOh those first smashed potatoes look fab!! I love your honesty! Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. The smashed potatoes look so great! I saw them wrapped in bacon!

  3. Going to SO try the smashed potatos!

  4. I've been making a bunch of Pinterest recipes lately...I love it!!! It's nice making a variety of stuff now, versus my three staples we used to eat every week. :)

    I have been eyeing those pepperoni rolls! Glad to hear you like them!

  5. I just joined Pinterest last night.
    Some of those recipes look quite

  6. All of those looks sooo yummy;)im so going to try those smashed potatoes, they look delicious..
    Im a new follower, check out my blog as well=)

  7. those smashed potatoes look so good


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