March 23, 2012


I Confess.. That I feel like this week has just flown by like  crazy.  I only had one day to get ready for my show this week, and the rest I was working every day. And today, we are leaving.

I Confess.. I still have a few things to do before we leave today, like pack my suitcase.  I hate packing for a trip.  Bc I feel like I need to take all these things, but then I never use them while I'm gone.

I Confess.. I'm sad about leaving my husband and the pups :(

I Confess.. I am obsessed with Carries new song. Good Girl. If you haven't seen the video please do so. So I leave you with this. Have a great weekend ladies :) 



  1. I like Carrie's new song too.

  2. I love Carrie Underwood! Hope you have a good trip :)

  3. All of my weeks seem to fly by. I have got to work on slowing down to enjoy them. Great post!


  4. I hate packing and I'm just like you- pack far too much! Have a good trip!

  5. love your blog, I just came across it and am a new follower :):) please come check out my blog as well! :D

  6. Nominated you for an award today : )


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