March 21, 2012


I just love Essie polish. It goes on so so smooth.  But I have some issues.. I am super impatient. haha. I will paint them but I wait about 10 minutes before try to do anything. But I still seem to mess them up. Any tips? [all pictures are from pinterest]

I love nails polished in pictures along with the nail polish bottle because then you can tell what the color actually looks like on your nails.

Essie Spring '12 Collection

This is me trying to paint my nails. They turned out okay. But yes the picture is like HORRID. I have NO idea why it is yellow?!


  1. Sally Hansen mega shine topcoat! Super shiny and dries in 60 seconds, makes a huge difference!

  2. I'm not great with my nails either, but these colors are all so so cute!


  3. I need nail tips too, mine always turn out terrrible! :(

    Do Essie and other more expensive brands actually chip less and work better? I'm usually guilty of getting the cheapo polish, so maybe thats why ;)

  4. All these Essie polishes are gorgeous - they always have really pretty colors but I feel like they chip so quickly. xo

  5. I've heard running your nails like facing down under cold water helps dry them.. Isn't there some kind of spray that helps dry nails too?

  6. I love all of those colors! I never paint my finger nails so I can't offer much advice on keeping the polish from messing up.

  7. Oh my, I love those pastel colors! I may have to get me some of those! I have the same problem...always messing up my nails.


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