January 4, 2013

11 Week Bump

How far along? 11 Weeks.. 5 Days..
Size of the baby? A Lime
Maternity Clothes? Not Yet

Weight Gain: Same as last week. I think about 1 lb.
Stretch Marks? None. But Ive been using Palmers Lotion :)
Gender? Most everyone, along with me seems to think girl. Chris says boy.
Movement? Not yet…cannot wait to feel those little kicks, though. 

Sleep? A good night here.  A bad night there. All depends on the night.

Food Cravings? Fruit mostly.
What I Miss: Eating anything I want. Since Ive started getting sick, I've had to watch what I eat because a lot of foods are making me sicker than others right now.

Symptoms? Tired all the time. So Im still taking a lot of naps. I am starting feel like myself again though, so thats good :)
Belly Button: Same
Best Moment of the Week? Dr Apnt yesterday.  My mom went with me and we got to see the little one moving around, kicking her feet and moving her hands. 


  1. You look so cute! I love that you are saying "her" haha love it! And lucky you that you are craving fruit ... I am sure I would be craving like soft batch cookies and ice cream lol ;)

  2. aww you look precious! pregnancy suites you! I hope you start feeling better soon so you can enjoy all those sweet cravings :)

  3. I was sleeping fine until I hit 16 weeks! Its been down hill from there. You look fabulous:)

  4. Congratulations! You look so cute!

  5. How very exciting! I love seeing everyone's baby countdowns. Enjoy this magical time!!

  6. You look adorable!! I can't wait to see you soon!!!


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