January 14, 2013

Pinterest Inspiration

When we first moved into our house, it had only 2 bedrooms. My grandparents owned this house before us and knocked out a wall between the 2nd and 3rd bedroom and made one large one out of it.  Since we are know expecting a little bundle of joy we are placing a wall back into the room to make the babies room, a workout room and then on the other side of the house I am going to have my office/work space.  It wont be very large but I would love to make it my own and all cutesy of course!  I love more of the simple look.  Not many knick-knacks just simple to the point with items I will use.  

This is my absolute favorite one.  Grey walls with an accent of black and pink.


  1. You pinned some great spaces. I was hoping I was going to love one more than the other, but they are all so amazing.

    I think with the apple computer, a mirror on the wall and a fancy chair you can't really go wrong :)

  2. I really love the inspiration pictures you posted. We just moved in before Christmas and I've been working hard at making it feel like a home. I feel like it's never ending though! Our to do list is literally a mile freaking long.. *sigh* guess one day it'll all get done, right!?


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