February 21, 2013

so your going to be a daddy

Back in Mid-Late November... About the 18th or so I...

Woke up super early.. 7 am

 Ran into Walmart to get one of these..

Get home.. Take both tests... Not just one.   We were trying to get preggo, so this was no surprise.  But those tests.. So we of course we hoping for a "Pregnant" to appear.  But no matter what the results you are hoping for, that is the most nerve-racking 2-3 minutes of your life. I swear! .. Just having to sit there and wait for the results to appear, seems like forever.

So I met up with on of my girlfriends, told her the wonderful news.  Helped me plan how to tell the hubs he was going to be a daddy.  So I went to Target, got a pack of neutral onesies, blue and pink ribbon, & a daddy to be book.  Wrapped them all up together, placed in the owl bag and waited for him to get home from work.

I wish I had a picture of the look on his face when he opened this.  It was the most terrified-happy-shocked-yay look I have ever seen.  He was soo happy but scared at the same time.  He couldn't wait 5 minutes to start calling family and telling them the good news <3


  1. This is so sweet! :) Love how you did it!

  2. That is such a sweet way of letting him know he is going to be a daddy! I so wish I would have been this.. put together about it :D I was a hysterical mess, oh man it was not pretty. We weren't planning on me being pregnant for a long, long time and I was very, very overwhelmed haha!

  3. I took more than just two tests! Seemed like every morning for a week I peed on a pregnancy test. Couldn't help it! But you are so right. The look on their face is so wonderful :)


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