February 25, 2013

what not to say to a pregnant woman

The 10 things not to say..

1. Is your husband excited?

No's he's miserable.

2. Are you sure you don't have twins in there

Thanks for checking, but I'm pretty sure I'm be the first to know if I was carrying two babies.

3. Can I touch you're belly?

Oh sure why not. It's totally acceptable to touch a strangers belly. Why don't you just grope me while your at it?

4. No way you're pregnant, you're still not showing at all

Well gee, thanks for making me feel like Im not eating enough to support my child. 

5. You sure are getting a belly there

Yes I am, but whats your excuse?

6. Having a baby will complete change your life

Really.. You don't say.. I had absolutely no idea..

7. Any sentence that starts with "Just wait...."

Just punch this person in the face before they even finish that sentence. 

8. You're going to give birth naturally? Good luck, you'll never make it without an epidural

Just because you couldn't make it, doesn't mean I can't.

9. Are you sure your ready to be a mom

Thanks for making me feel under-prepared.

10. Oh, he's going to come early..

Really do you have a direct line to my uterus? Please tell him to stop stepping on my bladder then. Please & thank you. 

With some people you have to wonder if they actually mean the things they say or if they just come out without them thinking.  I personally have only had a couple of these ones said to me.. I think that is only because I am barely showing right now.  People say stuff if you are showing or if you are not showing at all.  But with me barely showing at all.. I get all the comments of of you look so skinny, wheres the baby hiding, and you need to eat; you are eating for two now.  And my personal fav one - "Is your husband happy?" Seriously?? I really just wish people would think before they spoke sometimes.

Some mommy to be's get depressed over the weight they do gain or don't gain, etc.  So just remember things like "You look amazing"  "You have that pregnancy glow".. Things like that.. They will make a world of difference! 

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  1. Hahahah I am laughing because I have heard soooo many of these lines...the one I hate is the "you look tired"...aka you look like crap. hahaha


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