May 15, 2014

Mary Kay Vox Box

I got my second Influenster Vox Box in the mail a couple of weeks ago.  I have to tell you, I was very impressed.  I have tried Mary Kay products in the past and wasn’t at all happy with them.  Well this box I received was all Mary Kay and it was amazing.  I am tempted to change all of my makeup over to Mary Kay products.  The translucent powder “seals” my make up on all day.  Throughout the day I don’t develop that oily look or anything.  The blush I put on a light little bit of.  And the bronzer I can actually use a decent amount of without even beginning to look “unnatural”.  You know how some bronzers if you barely touch your skin, it will be super dark Not this one!  The mascara is very nice also and stays on all day.  Leaves my lashes looking longer and fuller.  The “apricot” eye shadow is a very natural color and goes great with my skin tone.  The only thing I did NOT like in the box was the eye liner.  The eye liner was a gel that came in a small circle container with a rather large applicator to put it on with.  I think it would be nice it is would have came in a tube instead of the circle container with the big applicator.  I think once you get the hang of using the applicator it would work great though.

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