February 25, 2013

19 Week Bump Date

How Far Along? 19 Weeks and 1 day!
Size of the Wee One? A Large Tomato. About 8.9 Ounces and 6 inches long.
Maternity Clothes? A few maternity shirts here and there. Just bought a bunch of new ones today, shopping with mom.  And Im wearing maternity leggings now. They are sooo comfy!
Weight Gain? 6 lbs! Woohoo!
Stretch Marks? No Stretch marks!
Gender? We find out Monday if Baby Flanders is a she or he :)
Sleep? Im slipping back into another tired phase. Im sleeping good at night, except for when my dogs try to jump up onto the bed or bark at me bc I wont let them on the bed.

Food Cravings? Sweet and Salty Foods.  French fries Im dyeing for like all of the time.  Cheesecake Im in love with. And I also crave water a lot.
What I Miss? The feeling of being full and not hungry.  I get tired of eating actually.
Symptoms? Tired sometimes but thats it.. Mostly I have tons of energy! 
Best Moment? Not last night, but a week ago last Sunday..  I felt the baby kick/move for the first time.  I know they say oh it's gas or this or that.. No you know!  It felt like bubbles popping at the front of my tummy kind of.  And now I can actually feel the baby move, and I mean really move. It feels strange at first, but I can feel an elbow/hand/foot/leg/head; whichever part of the baby it is right now, pressing against my tummy.  It's so exciting.  Chris has actually gotten to feel the baby move too.  Its amazing. :)


  1. I'm hungry all the time! Thankfully I crave good for you things like veggies and fruits:) Peach tea has been my thing lately. Random, right?! Feeling the baby move is so exciting! I love feeling Savanna kick at night:)

  2. Your belly is way too cute - makes me miss mine :D
    I'm always craving fries, and cheeseburgers.. ha ha!

  3. French fries were something I craved all the time too. That and chocolate milk. :)

  4. How exciting!! I can't imagine what it's going to feel like to feel the baby move. I'm just barely pregnant and it's fun looking forward :)


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