February 27, 2013

baby shopping. gender neutral.

I have gotten to shopping bug bad..

BUT we don't know the gender of the baby yet. We won't know until March 4th and, our gender reveal isn't until March 9th.  So these next two weeks are going to kill me. I'm super anxious to find out what he or she will be!

But until then.. heres a few things mommy to be's can buy before knowing the gender..

Gender Neutral Gear : Crib, Rocker, Stroller, Carrier.  Especially if you plan on having more than one so you can reuse them.

Clothes that stand out with gender neutral colors such as black, red, green, yellow.

Baby clothes with animals on them; cows, cats bear, etc.

Items for the cooler months.  Such as mitten and booties.

Plenty of diapers and wipes.

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