July 16, 2013

my recent buys

You might think it looks like I have had quite the shopping bug lately.. Well you might be right!

The sissy in law and I went shopping at Target before my 38 week appointment last week. Newborn baby shoes $3. 1 pair of baby sunglasses and 4 headbands $4. Set of two baby sleepers $10.. They were too adorable to pass up.

I only went in looking for the 1 pair of baby sperrys but I came out with two. $25 for sperrys and $11 for the pink converse. I got size 2 (3 to 6 months) so she can grow into them and maybe wear them when she is getting into her crawling/walking stage.

$18 for "C" necklace - etsy

Chloes newborn baby gown. $22 

Tory Burch super silver tiny earrings. $13.99 eBay

Anchor jewelry - $12 eBay and did I mention free shipping!?

Bubble statement necklaces. I just love these. $20 for 2 at a local boutique in town.

So I got a few dealz here and there..

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